“To acquire knowledge one must study: but to acquire wisdom one must observe.” Marilyn vos Savant.

I love this quote because it gives me a justifiable cause to hang out at coffee shops people watching. 

On a serious note, it is true don’t you think? By observing others we grow in wisdom, wisdom about human nature that can only serve to benefit us in all aspects of life.

The more wisdom and insight we have into human nature, the easier it is to get along with people as we can correctly gauge the subtle non verbal cues of others in our communication and actions towards them.

I think it also shows us what we do and don’t want to be. Looking from the outside in we see so much more than when on the inside. Watching how others behave and interact teaches us what works and what doesn’t. 

The woman who gave us this quote, was given the highest IQ for women in the Guiness book of Records in 1985 so she may be worth listening too.

Though it is important to be knowledgable, it is more effective when coupled with wisdom…. So on that note, I will sit back with my cuppa and watch the world go by… 

Love Sechy


Today’s mood    


A ME day where I can indulge in things I love and that inspire feelings of happiness and well being :)

Today I am feeling inspired by romantic images of lavender bouquets, bohemian jewellery and stylish, luxurious martinis. 

What is inspiring you today?

Love Sechy


5 trends making ugly cool

 If you haven’t considered one of the following trends then you are falling way behind the pack. If you avoided wearing it for the last two decades, it is quite likely to be this season’s hottest trend as what was once classified the worst of 90’s fashion comes back with a vengeance.


  1. Birkenstocks:

style birkenstocks and dress fashion trends fashion blogger how to wear birkenstocks ugly cool fashionable shoes sandals style birkenstocks and dress fashion trends fashion blogger how to wear birkenstocks ugly cool fashionable shoes sandals birks-and-maxi-dress-fashion

I was at the Brisbane Vintage and Designer markets last year negotiating over a pair of yellow Doc Martens when a girl ran up to a stallholder, pointed at her feet and exclaimed, “I love your Birkenstocks, where did you get them?” A conversation ensued over the best place buy them. Did I just hear right? Are Brisbane women actually coveting … Birkenstocks?

How have these shoes made such a comeback in the hippest of closets? Well, we can thank Celine, who in 2014 sent fur-lined Birkenstocks down the runway. Yep, The Furkenstock was a huge hit and appeared on IT girls and models everywhere, Miley Cyrus donned a sparkly pair and what do you know, other designers began creating their own versions of the ugly orthopaedic sandal.

So how does one successfully style a pair of Birkenstocks without looking like a hippy or German tourist? Starting with a pedicure is a good idea and keep them well cared for. Birkenstocks should always look new, not like you have loved them for years. The best way to do this is to take advantage of Birkenstocks repair service and have them tended to regularly then heed the words of Vogue’s, Emma Morrison, “Nothing is better than a really pretty dress with an ugly shoe.”


  1. Dungarees:

 style fashion trends fashion blogger how to wear birkenstocks ugly cool fashionable full length denim overalls dungarees

 Casually entering my newsfeed one day was a picture of Australia’s favourite Fashion Blogger Jessica Stein reclining in the window of a hotel in Prague looking oh so cool in a pair of full-length denim dungarees. Suddenly hillbilly dungarees were in.

The denim overall is perfect all year round, with a crop top in summer and chunky knit is winter. You can glam it up with heels for a night out or layer it with chunky knits when the mercury drops. I have two pairs – a short and long pair. I love them!!! Talk about comfort and cool mixed into one.

To ensure they look right, opt for a slim, fitted cut with an interesting feature such as unique straps or a quirky back .

  1. Wide leg culottes

How-Wear-Culottes fashion style blogger How-Wear-Culottes fashion style blogger vitoria_beckhamHow-Wear-Culottes fashion style blogger 

After years of wearing skinny jeans, the wide legged trouser is back. What was once viewed as the most unflattering of styles, now the most stylish fashionistas are embracing mid-calf culottes.

Yep, Who would have though that chopping of the leg halfway would be grant you a place in the best dressed list.

The key to making this alternative and bold style work is the shoe. If your short, a flat might just cut you in half even more so team it with heels to elongate the leg and keep the top simple.


  1. Tie front shirts:

tie front shirts fashion style fashion blogger how to wear tie front shirts fashion style fashion blogger how to wear tie front shirts fashion style fashion blogger how to wear

I am old enough to see this 90’s trend come around again but not to old rock it albeit in a more modern way. The current look offers a seasonally – and age – appropriate midriff as an alternative to the crop top.

A well-placed knot also creates the illusion of a shrunken waist. This season, start knotting your singlet or business shirt at the front ( I personally favour knotting mine at the back ) and remember the secret to making this look work is to keep the lower half high waisted or at least above the belly button. We aren’t doing a Brittany Spears “look at my abs & belly button piercing” thing here.

  1. Christmas jumpers

 big chunky slouchy chritsmas jumpers fashion blogger style taylor-swift-big chunky slouchy chritsmas jumpers fashion blogger style-orchid-new-2 big chunky slouchy chritsmas jumpers fashion blogger style

When I think of the Christmas jumper I think of that awkward moment in Bridget Jones Diary. You know the one? Well, the current version of the Christmas jumper is not reindeers and Santa Clause’s, but a mismatch of colours and patterns that is having a true fashion moment.

This look is particularly great in Australia where winter falls in the middle of the year and often requires layers because quite frankly, in some areas it is still sunny and warm during the coldest seasons. I am obsessed with big oversized jumpers and struggle to close my sweater drawer!

I mostly wear them with denim cutoffs and mini skirts. Partly because I don’t really need to rug up in Queensland in Winter but when the temperature drops I will layer big sweaters with skinny jeans or tights.

Ultimately, the key to pulling off any of these looks is simple. Confidence. Aside from Birkenstocks, which should be purchased new and kept in tiptop shape, experiment with vintage styles as well as high-end designer interpretations. Why not take the plunge and wear something you were always told you shouldn’t.

Is there a trend you used to hate that you now love?

Love Sechy


Photo Credits : Vogue, Popsugar, Daily Mail, Pinterest, Style