It is time to take a break

Hi beautiful, lovely, wonderful peeps!

The time has come for me to pull away and take a short break from blogging for Sechys Diary. It has been an extremely busy year for me and as much as I love my little blog, It is now time to prioritise some different things for a bit. I will be back from time to time… and I haven’t reeeeeally gone anywhere ;) I am all over Twitter & Instagram and use it every single day so I will be micro blogging on these platforms as I travel around the world and explore lots of new things :D

For now, my focus is on looking after ME and taking some time out to recover my immune system from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. If you have ever suffered ME/CFS I am happy to chat…

…And I love a chat – epecially about ethical fashion, travel, coffee, food, health and wellness as well as sharing an inspiring quote or two or talking about the challenges of working & becoming a step mum- so please find me on Twitter & Instagram and if you ever want to catch up and my blog is stil here with my old posts which I might link too from time to time:)


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Bloggers : Keep it real

Do you ever feel insecure about blogging? With so many blogs out there it can be pretty daunting to  begin writing a blog or to stick with the one you started. I see so many tweets along the lines of “What would you like to read about on my blog peeps?” written by a blogger who has lost faith in themselves. I see so many ‘how to blog’ posts that rather than motivating and encouraging bloggers, reinforce these insecurities advising…’you need a good camera’ or ‘make sure you do this and do that’. Blogging is so much fun and I recommend you start doing it. You don’t need a great camera and the latest clothes to have a rewarding blog.  I believe the number one way to have a successful blog, before SEO, is to KEEP IT REAL. I am writing this blog post for those who are unsure about the direction of their blog! I want you to post confidently. If you are feeling stressed and not getting joy from your blog, then you aren’t doing it right and it will show.

I have only been blogging a couple of years but this is my 2 cents when it comes to blogging advice

sechys diary

  • Personal style posts – You look amazing but I want to know about how you feel!! Clothes lovers like us don’t just wear clothes do we? No, we don’t. We get dressed based on the way we feel. We have experiences in these clothes and they become a trigger for a memory. Each piece of clothing we choose to wear represents a feeling and I don’t know about you but that is what I love to read. I am not going to read, ‘This top would be great paired with a mid length skirt’. I will probably click on to the next blog because I am comfortable with who I am and really don’t need to be told what to do. But when I read…‘wearing this skirt makes me feel’, or ‘this top reminds me of when…’ then I am intrigued and others will be too. You are more than the clothes you wear. Place value in the person you are and bring that value to your posts.
  • sechys diary australia
  • sechys diary
  • Photos – Dudes, I appreciate good photography – don’t get me wrong – but I don’t choose blogs to read because of the quality of photos. I choose what I want to look at because of an interesting photo or story. An interesting setting or unique combination of items is what grabs my attention. So if you don’t have a digital SLR or don’t know how to use it…so what! Don’t let it stop you blogging! Publish that post! I use a DSLR as well as my iPhone and my most popular posts are times when I have used my iPhone. Recently I had my DSLR stolen…along with all my professional pictures so I blogged my trip with the iPhone pics I had taken.  I was a bit depressed that I could not share what I had on my camera but my readers supported me and came back to visit.
  •  Sechys diary bondi
  • BE YOURSELF – Most importantly, keep it real. Don’t emulate another person and don’t think you need to do what other bloggers are doing to be successful. There are 50 000 fashion blogs out there, yours will stand out because you are different. And I don’t mean because you are trying to be different. You need to realise that the person looking back at you in the mirror is unique and interesting just as they are.  You are the person I am interested in…because there is no one like you. I can connect with you, I cannot connect with a fake. I will subscribe to YOU but I will unsubscribe from impersonal blogs. Sure holding a competition to get people to click ‘like’ and ‘follow’ is great blogging advice but I guarantee…after the competition has ended…they will all click ‘unsubscribe’ if you aren’t engaging (aka – being authentically YOU). Whats the point in that?
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  • Getting followers. Don’t find followers, find friends! Make comments on blogs you like or write an email to someone who you think does a great job and tell them. Don’t be intimidated. People appreciate when you appreciate them and will often be humbled by your attention. When someone writes to me personally, I am so touched and humbled that I NEVER forget them. There is not enough sister love in this world and I have made it my personal life goal to spread as much love as I can. Women can only run the world alongside other women. We need to carry each other there. You will never get there if you are competing all the time. Women who compete and don’t give their knowledge and support to others are insecure. Life isn’t all ‘me me me‘. There is room for all of us… the more of us who are united, the stronger we become!


Of course learning how to blog by reading articles and books is invaluable. Two years ago I had never heard of hash tagging and SEO but now I am all over it. Before I started blogging I was concerned about privacy and I didn’t really know where to start. So to learn more about it I went to the library and gave myself an education the old school way – borrowing books on social media such as Twitter & blogging and reading up on the basics. I started my blog for myself not to please others and quickly found it to be a wonderful place to meet like-minded people and that is the biggest reward…not money or gifts. In my real life there are not a lot of people who understand but you guys do ……you guys get it!

love Sechy


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My Insta diary


Are you on Instagram? If you aren’t then you are not having as much fun as me :D During times of stress or when I am too busy to blog, Instagram provides me a very fun and convenient way to blog my experiences and adventures. If you are on Instagram click here to follow and let’s be friends!!!

Here is a rundown of my fun fortnight using my Instagram pics. So much happens in two weeks…time flies when you’re having fun! It is all about food, art, music, friendship, travel and alot of Gold Coast love…PRETTY LITTLE PACKAGE


First up some pics from the #prettylittlepackage campaign. This campaign was created by Perth Blogger Adelle from Where the styled things are. I enjoy this stylish Australian blog so I was all too keen to jump on board to support her. It is vital for bloggers to reach out to others with friendship and support and the #prettylittlepackage campaign was a fun way of doing it. Basically you are given a random person to send a pretty little package too and someone else sends a pretty little package to you. So one day I opened up my mailbox and found this gorgeous wrapped gift full of amazing goodies from the beautiful @casawho. Was such a cool surprise. Check out Where the styled things are for info on how to get involved or look up #prettylittlepackage online.Cold pressed JUICE GOLD COAST



I have been on a massive health kick. Anyone who knows me probably thinks I am already healthy enough however the last 6 months has seen my immunity take a big dive and a whole host of food intolerances and other allergies popped up requiring a fair amount of time off work. So I have been making an extra conscious effort to feed my body only what it needs. I have worked in the Natural Health and Organic food industries so I have a little bit of knowledge in these areas. Basically I just needed to cleanse so I have been focusing on consuming only organic food where possible, introducing some cold pressed juices from time to time, cutting out junk food completely and using chemical free beauty and household products. I also have been taking time out to try to focus on my relaxation needs (ie: slow down) It was during one of these moments of appreciation that I found this beautiful Bottle brush. Australia has beautiful native flowers… a lovely reminder of how blessed I am in this country.SECHYS DIARY STYLE

The weather has been pleasantly warm this autumn. Just to prove a point, today I am sitting in the sun in a singlet and Winter is 4 days away. It has been amazing. This pic was taken on the coldest evening we had…and I am still showing skin! Love living in Queensland.A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A FLIGHT ATTENDANT #CREWLIFE


Then it was off to work. A girl has to work right? So off I flew to Dubai where I warmed up in the sun and got my fashion fix.RAW revolution Gold Coast

RAW revolution Gold coast

RAW revolution Gold coast

RAW revolution Gold coast

Then it was time to go out and meet some local Gold Coast artists. I was very excited to attend RAW: Revolution and it did not disappoint! I got to see some amazing art, a wonderful local film, belly dancers, fashion shows, performance art and live bands. I highly recommend you experience a RAW event in your town. RAW holds events all over the world, I have already planned to go to the next RAW Gold Coast event which I think might be in August. So much fun…such a good night out.Miami Marketta Wine and cocktailThen what better way to wind up the week than with a feed and beverage at Miami Marketta. Sometimes I actually don’t want to share info about these places because I like the fact they are not tourist driven, however I must because there are so many wonderful, quirky pockets of interest on the Gold Coast that never get mentioned in the brochures. Miami Marketta is a place where creatives can create during the week and on weekends they put on a very tasty street feast. But beware, it gets really busy… almost too busy hence why I am reluctant to talk about it. I go early to avoid the crowds, grab a drink and enjoy the family friendly atmosphere.

I really love living on the Gold Coast. I could not imagine living anywhere else. I feel sorry for people who only see the Gold Coast as a party destination as they are really missing out on experiencing the interesting culture we have here. I have always been surrounded by a creative environment therefore it really makes gets me when someone comes from interstate or overseas and tells there is no culture here and think they can bring it with them. The Gold Coast has its own unique culture that does not compete… It has always been pretty fantastic :)

Share with me some of your city love. What makes your town so special? I love to travel…maybe I will come visit :D