Beautiful Balboa Island

We took a day trip out to Balboa Island because it is one of my favourite places to wander. Balboa Island is so serene and peaceful with awesome American holiday homes, a quaint village and stunning water views. Grab a frozen banana and wander around the perimeter of the island. I suggest parking the car … Continue Reading

David Bowie & Mick Rock: Shooting for the Stardust

Mick Rock : Shooting for the Stardust, The Rise of David Bowie & Co.                While in Los Angeles I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to see Mick Rock’s photo exhibition at Taschen’s on Beverly Boulevard. The exhibition consisted of formal shots as well as intimate back stage and … Continue Reading

Silverlake to Santa Monica to Venice

    From Silverlake to Santa Monica to Venice… My day began with a wake up coffee at Cafecito Organico in Silverlake, Los Angeles. I have always been a fan of Cafecito Organico. The coffee is brilliant and the cafe always has a relaxed, arty vibe that I crave. It is the best place for … Continue Reading

Megan Hess & Coco Chanel book launch

Coco Chanel Launch …   At the recent launch of her new book Coco Chanel, I was so honoured to meet the beautiful Megan Hess, renowned Australian fashion illustrator. Megan is world renowned for her fashion illustrations and has worked for all the luxury brands – Chanel, Dior, Cartier, Montblanc and Tiffany and Co. to name a … Continue Reading


Sometimes you only need to go away for the weekend to feel completely rejuvenated, relaxed and refreshed and that is exactly how I felt after spending the long weekend in Maleny. This gorgeous town in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland has a very cool little village and miles of stunning views. It is the perfect place … Continue Reading

Swell Sculpture Festival

This time every year we wander down and visit the Gold Coast Swell Sculpture festival at Currumbin Beach foreshore. If you are travelling to the Gold Coast in September this annual display of local and international art is most definitely a must see. The sculptures light up at night and there is a revolving list … Continue Reading

5 ugly trends that are totally hot right now

 If you haven’t considered one of the following ugly trends that are totally hot right now, then you are falling way behind the pack. If you avoided wearing it for the last two decades, it is quite likely to be this season’s hottest trend as what was once classified the worst of 90’s fashion comes … Continue Reading

Gold Coast Artist Winnifreds Daughter

I admire people who are crafty and legitimately really, really good at it. It might be because I have this high energy mind that is full of creative ideas that just frustratingly jumbled whenever I try to implement them into something tangible. I just stick to admiring and buying now… it’s just a whole lot … Continue Reading

Simply Divine

Brisbane women come in many forms. They could be stylish. They could be successful. They could be philanthropic. But on the rare occasion you meet a woman who is all these things and in those moments you must chase her down and have a conversation. Which is exactly what I did with beautiful Brisbane fashion … Continue Reading

Good Friday Musings

Good Friday is here which means a day off. Although I have so much to catch up on with Uni assignments due, I thought i would spend some time updating my blog and touching base with you all. It has been a busy 6 months and in order to manage my time I have decided … Continue Reading