Boho vs Hippy, what’s the difference?

I have always taken my style cues from the past. Inspired by the hippy and bohemian culture, I tend to feel naturally attune to the gypsy inspired bohemian style both in body and spirit as well as the freedom loving hippy in me who naturally wants to rebel from what everyone else is doing, thinking and believing. But there are distinct differences between the purely aesthetic bohemian style and the politically driven hippy sub sulture.. let me explain..boho vs hippyThe Hippie with their long hair, bright colours, flared jeans, sandals and long beaded necklaces, set themselves apart by a unisex fashion. They used the way they dressed as a means of showing an affiliation to the radical ideas they espoused. The hippie sub- culture began in San Francisco where early hipsters and beatniks came together and formed a community of shared values including independance from mainstream society to the opposition of war.boho vs hippyboho vs hippyHippies were about free living and self expression through music, literature, film and performance art. Experiences were shared with others and the bold patterns, tie dye and patch work of the hippie look were symbolic of the rejection of the conformity of mainstream youth fashion as well as a rejection of the establishment – that is : conservative values, corporate culture and commercialism.

Bohemianism on the other hand derives purely from an aesthetic standpoint rather than a political one.boho vs hippyIt has a distant history that lies in poetry and art however bohemians took their name from the Romani Gypsies who travelled through western Europe through Bohemia. The gypsy lifestyle was percieved as a romantic lifestyle of unrooted wandering.boho vs hippy

Boho is a decadent and stylish look worn by the more well-off in society. It is heavy on accessories, layering and overtly feminine fabrics such as silk and chiffon, free flowing nomadic styles, gladiator sandals and broad brimmed hats. It is anything but a minimalistic trend.

boho vs hippy

I feel that I have a genetic disposition to the bohemian style which can be explained by apparently having a heritage that traces back to the Romani Gypsies. I will probably never know the exact nature of my family history but I can’t help but believe it because of my natural affinity for bright colours, free thinking and endless wandering. You?

Hope you had a beautiful weekend peeps :)

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IFB’s Links a la Mode

I am very honoured to be featured in IFB’s most recent Links a la Mode with 19 other beautiful bloggers. :)


Real Style Essentials

What do you really need for good style? The answer could be, “More clothes.” But we know better. It’s about knowing what you wear. It’s about finding your self, not your clothing self, but your real self. It’s about taking care of yourself. It’s about feeling good in your own skin. This week’s roundup is about the real essentials you need to be stylish. Whether it be your skin, what’s under that skin, or what you’re wearing to cover it.

Links à la Mode: January 15th

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What I learned from the successful business people I have met.

I love being busy. I work, study full time, sell stuff on eBay, blog and look after my house and family. When I am having ‘quiet time’ I am usually planning a trip, inventing business ideas or creating something…my mind never stops. I want to achieve things and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.take time out

But mostly I find it hard to relax and be still. It is not that I am incapable of it, I spent years on the new age hippy path. In fact, my first career when I left school was as a massage therapist so relaxation was my expertise! I spent my days guiding executives and extremely busy, RICH people on how to take time out for themselves. More often or not, the successful, executive business people actually grasped this better than me.

 I was just reflecting on this as I was reflecting on my own struggle for balance. The executives that I treated all seemed to actually be very ‘together’ and I am now thinking maybe that is why they are so powerful and successful and happy! Maybe they really do have it together and it is time for us to look upon those who seem to have it all and observe their attitudes, accomplishments as well as their mistakes and translate them into our own lives. Maybe we need to stop saying negative things like “They might be rich but are they happy?”.  It seems to me that success and happiness is not just working your butt off but also an attitude thing.


Every successful executive I met:

  •  Always welcomed me with a smile, a handshake and asked ‘how are you?’. They were always polite and ALWAYS left me with a gift as I walked out the door. Whether it was a bottle of wine from the mini bar, a cash tip or their business card along with the words, “If there is anything you need…”. Thinking back now, I wish I could do it all over again. I was so carefree and relaxed and didn’t understand how incredible the opportunity for networking was! The lesson : smile, say hello, shake hands, ask ‘how are you’ with genuine interest, listen, give.  
  • They never complained. I never heard, “oh my flight was so long and tiring” or “I don’t feel like going to this business meeting, what a drag”. Never. Ever. Not once.The lesson : Something that sucks, actually probably does reeeeally suck. But there is no point reminding myself and everyone else of the fact. Move on and do something that makes me feel better about it. Save the complaining for the psychologist. 20130203-151002.jpg
  • They looked after themselves. They booked me in to give them a remedial post flight massage or a post meeting massage because they wanted to feel better. They know that looking after mind, body and soul is the way to be happy and successful in life. Travelling long hours, staying in hotels away from family, no sleep, meeting with strangers constantly… I am sure that would be draining and they know they need to relax in order to cope with the demands put on them. The lesson : If I am feeling tired, stressed, sick or worn out…I will put fixing THAT as my first priority.relax
  • They look good! They dress neat, brush their hair, brush their teeth and stand up straight. They care about the impression they make on others. The lesson : Dressing well, looking in the mirror and taking care of your appearance is not just a vanity thing. In fact, caring about what others think is not the problem, it is the attitude behind it. Are you dressing that way because you are afraid of what others might think and need to be accepted by them ? Or are you dressing that way because you know you are fabulous and respect others enough to give your best self to them? Remember when going on a date meant someone turning up at your door smelling gooooood, with their hair done and a white smile. How nice was it to know that someone made that effort for you? Stand tall, brush your hair, brush your teeth, exercise, smile and eat well. Show the people you meet, that you deserve their respect by being yourself and being your best self! IMG_5433

Taking time out for ourselves  and wanting to be a better person should not be ridden with guilt. We should not have to justify why but just look at your life…look at everything you do. You are far from being lazy or selfish for caring about yourself so stop telling yourself that and take a break!

I am curious, what will you be doing to empower yourself this year?

love Sechy